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Jun 19, 2016

Welcome to The Horror Writers Podcast, the show with two horror authors discussing all things in the world of horror.

The 90s was not only an awesome era for music, but also a great time for horror movies. Today, Zach and J. talk about their favorite horror movies of that decade. Also, making her podcast debut, Zach’s daughter.

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Zach’s Top 3 90s Horror Movies:

From Dusk Till Dawn -

The Haunting -

Interview With The Vampire -


J.’s Top 3 90s Horror Movies:

The Sixth Sense -

The Silence of the Lambs -

The Blair Witch Project -


Honorable Mentions:

Scream -

Candyman -

Event Horizon -

Seven -

Jacob’s Ladder -

Misery -

Dracula -

Dead Alive -